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How did you come into the industry trading bitumen?

I joined Much Asphalt 27 years ago as a student who needed to do some vacation work as part of my studies. I was offered a permanent position after six months and have worked there ever since.



What do you believe to be the greatest challenge facing the trading of the commodity?


The greatest challenge we face as the road building industry is the scarcity of key skills, probably as a result of the perceived unattractiveness of the industry. A second close challenge is the poor availability of raw materials.



If you could change one thing in the industry going forward what would it be?


The one thing I would like to change is to make business people believe in our youth.



What is your proudest achievement to date in the industry?

My proudest achievement in the asphalt industry was the successful completion of a number of significant contracts during the preparation phase for the 2010 Soccer World Cup that was hosted by South Africa.


Bennie Greyling

Managing Director - Much Asphalt

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