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How did you come into the industry trading bitumen?


I have spent my entire 37-year to date career in the oil industry. During this period I spent time in several different product portfolios, focussing on the technical aspects. I ended up with the bitumen portfolio in 1998 and have been there ever since.



What do you believe to be the greatest challenge facing the trading of the commodity?


Funding and skills shortage.



Where do you see the greatest opportunity in the industry right now, and how are you positioned to capture it as a business?

Continuity of bitumen supply is one opportunity which our business has positioned itself for. We have the infrastructure and resources to mitigate supply issues encountered with the local refineries.



If you could change one thing in the industry going forward what would it be?


From my job’s perspective,  I would like to see an improvement in the blending, storage and dispatching capabilities and efficiencies at all South African refineries.



What is your proudest achievement to date in the industry?


It would have to be the development, introduction and implementation of bitutainer logistics.


Mitch Schafer

Bitumen Branch Manager - COLAS

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