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$12 million investment in local Zambian road development

The Zambian government will be investing $12m in the stalled Pave Zambia road project which will see selected gravel roads in Mushili, Ndeke, Itawa and Mackenzie townships of Bwana Mkubwa Constituency being paved.

According to reports the Road Development Agency (RDA) and Zambian contractors FROG Limited and Virgin Services Limited will help in the construction of the roads.

Delays have plagued with project, which include payment and equipment supply issues. However, a government representative has now confirmed that the work will go ahead. According to news reports:

"FROG Limited will be completing construction works on Mporokoso and Lunga gravel roads in Mushili township and Virgin Services Limited will be finalising construction works on Bwalo, Mafunde, Mapange, Fyakale and Kalukungu roads in Ndeke township; Buchetekelo, Kafironda and Mwenda roads in Itawa township; and Mackenzie gravel road in Mackenzie (Makense) township."

President Michael Sata has said the project is in line with the government's plan to transform the Zambian economy and focus on agriculture, tourism, construction and manufacturing.

“With a good road network, farmers will be able get their produce to market. Moreover, we can’t further develop our tourism industry without improved roads and the much talked-about industrialisation process cannot happen without having a good road network,” said the President.

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