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Construction of $616 million road planned for August

The construction of the Lamu-Isiolo road is due to begin in August 2018 after funding for the 530km road was secured. The $616 million road will open up trade between Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

The Development Bank of South Africa has provided funding for the 4-year project.

The road, which will be maintained and operated by Lamu Road Construction for a period of 25-years, was due to start in June, but was delayed due to the late fund release.

According to Lapsset chief executive Silvester Kasuku, a speaker at the African Road Infrastructure and Investment Congress, the road will open up links to neighbouring countries and foster trade and regional economic development.

Coupled with the development of resort cities in Lamu, Isiolo and Turkana, the road and plans to improve the port at Lamu are expected to increase international tourism and foreign exchange earnings.

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