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SANRAL proposes policy changes

In June this year, the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) finalised its proposal for the transformation of South Africa's construction industry. This proposal has been submitted to Cabinet for approval.

In particular, the plan includes targets to change the participation of black suppliers, contractors and workers for SANRAL projects. As the responsible body for building and maintaining roads in South Africa, SANRAL controls $2.16 billion in assets (this excludes land values).

The roads agency has also suggested that road projects be opened up to companies that are not among the well established 'usual suspects' as a way of encouraging skills development in emerging contractors.

According to Skhumbuzo Macozoma, SANRAL CEO: “The transformation policy underlines that SANRAL can help to build a capable and developmental state and drive economic development through the provision and maintenance of critical infrastructure.

“Through our procurement and supply chain processes we can break down monopolies, transform the construction industry and advance the broad participation of black-owned enterprises.”

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