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Road will improve trade between Kenya and Uganda

The 150km Kapchorwa-Suam road linking Kenya and Uganda will improve trade between the two countries, says Kenyan deputy president, William Ruto.

Speaking at a meeting with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, Ruto said further that the road will increase ease of movement and investment between the countries.

The road, funded by the African Development Bank stretches for 77km on the Kenyan side, and 73km on the Ugandan side.

According to Museveni, this is an opportunities for locals to take advantage of the opportunities to engage in revenue generating activities.

Ruto further said that Kenya is investing heavily in roads, energy and education in a bid to increase competitiveness and boost cross-border trade.

“But we are not just building roads; we are also channelling resources in trans-boundary infrastructure. A road is better for Uganda; it is better if it connects Uganda to Kenya and other neighbouring countries,” he continued.

“Nationalism without pan-Africanism is not beneficial. We live in a world that is full of challenges, especially youth unemployment and poverty. All these must be tackled head-on by creating opportunities that would drive them out. And Commerce is the way to make it right.”

According to Ruto, despite the challenges facing the East African Community, good progress is being made.

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