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Bitumen roads to unlock business opportunities for Namibian town?

The town council of Omuthiya believes that upgrading its roads to bitumen will add value to, beautify and market the town. 

According to town CEO, Samuel Mbango, this upgrade will "unlock new business opportunities, as it will enable travellers to explore the town, as opposed to the current state in which they do not venture into the town and the surrounding areas, due to the state of the roads that are gravel." 

“We have established that some travellers passing through our town are hesitant to drive around the town due to our current road infrastructure. Therefore, we have resolved to start tarring the roads in order to give them an opportunity to view possibilities in town, with the hope to attract investments,” Mbango said.

The upgrade project is likely to begin during the 2020 financial year, once other projects are completed.

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