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Johannesburg roads plagued by sinkholes

The sinkhole along Snake Road in Benoni. Picture courtesy of Jacob Mamabolo via Twitter

The M2 motorway in Johannesburg has reopened, but now residents in Benoni and Centurion were facing road closures due to developing sinkholes in the area, Eyewitness News reports.

Jacob Mamabolo, MEC for Public Transport and Roads Infrastructure, reported "that a four-meter-deep sinkhole on Snake Road near the N12 was being investigated while another on the R50, on Delmas Road, had been cordoned off."

Mamabolo said that a thorough geo-technical investigation would determine the cause and severity of the sinkholes.

Mamabolo said, however, that the legacy of mining across the province could be the cause.

“The reality of the matter is that we are seeing a frequency of sinkholes breaking out in various parts of the province. As you know, the history of our province is [that] of gold mining.”

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