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Kenyan Road Sector Leadership to Take Part in ARIIC 2019


The Infrastructure Exchange is pleased to announce that the Cabinet Secretary for Transport Infrastructure Housing, Urban Development and Public Works, Mr. James Macharia, along with the Director General’s for the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KERRA), Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) and the Kenyan Roads Board (KRB) will participate in this year’s Africa Road Infrastructure and Investment Congress (ARIIC).

“We are very pleased to confirm the participation of these key industry stakeholders”, said Gaurav Koul, Managing Director of the Infrastructure Exchange. “Their participation manifests the desire of their institutions to engage with both public and private sector participants to deliver on Kenya’s road infrastructure goals and priorities.”

Cabinet Secretary for Transport Infrastructure Housing, Urban Development and Public Works, Mr. James Macharia.

Mr. Macharia will be speaking in the keynote session of the Africa Road Infrastructure and Investment Congress on the 10th of September 2019. His Principal Secretary, Mr. Julius Korir, will also attend the Congress.

Road infrastructure development and maintenance is a key concern across much of the African continent. With the increased pressure on governments to pursue alternative funding, this year’s Congress is focusing on innovative funding options, along with funding of a more traditional nature.

The Kenyan PPP Act (Amended) of 2017 will be enacted into law this year, and public-private partnerships will once again play a prominent in the discussions on infrastructure financing. In recognition of the importance of PPPs in the development of road infrastructure, the Infrastructure Exchange will host a one-day workshop on PPPs for the Road Sector. Mr. Andre Kruger of the NEPAD Business Foundation, and Ms. Mary Chege, Principal at EMSI & Associates, will lead the workshop.

Said Claire Volkwyn, Head of Content for the Infrastructure Exchange: “Kenya’s leadership are committed to exploring all avenues to provide the needed infrastructure to its citizens. Through their participation, the Ministry, KeNHA, KURA, KERRA and the KRB will continue to not only explore alternative funding, but also engage with industry participants to share best practices and the latest technological opportunities.”

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry, Mr. Julius Korir said: “The Ministry and the various road authorities are pleased to take part in this prestigious event. We invite roads authorities, technology providers, financiers, contractors and advisors to join us on 10th and 11th September 2019 for two days of robust conversation and engagement.”

About the Africa Road Infrastructure and Investment Congress

The 4th Africa Road Infrastructure and Investment Congress 2019 (#ARIIC 2019) is the Continent’s most prominent event, which brings together key financiers, investors, multilateral investment institutions, government ministries, regulators, and public and private sector stakeholders to discuss how to successfully fund and execute infrastructure projects on time and within budget.

Taking place in Nairobi, Kenya on 10th and 11th September 2019, the Congress this year will explore the theme “Boosting Investment in Road Infrastructure.”

The Congress will analyse new public-private partnership projects (PPPs), new infrastructure projects that promote regional integration and the competitiveness of countries, new technologies, and financing challenges in the road and highway industry across Sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information please contact:

Claire Volkwyn

Head of Content

Infrastructure Exchange


Telephone: +27 82 8591753

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