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Lagan Group to spearhead $250 million Ugandan business park project

Belfast-based Lagan Group is to develop a major business park in Uganda. The company headed by Kevin Lagan, set up a joint venture with Ugandan contractor DOTT Services in late 2018.

This comes just months after Breedon plc bought the Belfast business for £455 million in April 2018. The United Kingdom (UK) Government yesterday confirmed it will loan £185 million to the Government of Uganda to help build $246 million of infrastructure for the 2,200 acre Kampala Industrial Business Park, located on the outskirts of the east African country’s capital.

The construction work, which commenced in early January, is expected to last around 42 months.

The Department for International Development in London claimed the Kampala project, spearheaded by Lagan, could eventually create up to 200,000 jobs in Uganda. It said the development will also boost the construction sector in Northern Ireland, with staff, materials and equipment to be sourced here.

The infrastructure budget for the project is estimated to be around $250 million, with the biggest component involving the development of a road network and bridge.

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