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Uber addresses congestion with Qute

Reuters' reports that Uber Technologies has launched a new ride-hailing service in Bengaluru. Utilising miniature gas-powered cars called "Qute", the service aims to address some of the increased congestion in the city.

Bengaluru also called the “Garden City” has seen its population triple over the past 20 years, but infrastructure has not kept up. The result – traffic jams, congestion and stranded drivers.

The 'Qute' vehicles are said to be a "greener alternative to ordinary cars and India’s ubiquitous 3-wheel auto rickshaws, sometimes called tuk-tuks,"

Pricing will be less than standard Uber car services. The Qutes can carry up to three passengers and has windows and a fan but no air-conditioning.

The service started on 13 June with 50 vehicles and is expected to expand to several hundred in the coming months.

“We want to be seen as part of framing a solution,” said Satinder Bindra, director, communications India and South Asia, adding “Bengaluru is one of our more important and larger markets.”

ARIIC2019 will explore some of the alternative options to traditional road infrastructure, and will take a look at plastic and solar roads and the uptake of electric vehicles during one of the conference sessions of the Africa Road Infrastructure and Investment Congress in September 2019.


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