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Bitumen Exchange Events

Africa Road Infrastructure

and Investment Congress 2018

October 2018

9:00 am to 18:00 pm

Nairobi, Kenya

Infrastructure Exchange Events

West Africa Road Infrastructure
and Investment Forum 2023

March 2023

9:00 am to 18:00 pm



The West Africa Road Infrastructure and Investment Forum 2023 (#WARIIF23) is set to be the most prominent event road infrastructure event in West Africa. It will bring together the key financiers, investors, multilateral investment institutions, government ministries, regulators, public and private sector stakeholders to discuss how road development, investment and technology fit together and how to successfully fund and execute infrastructure projects on time and within budget.

The forum will analyse new public-private partnership (PPP) regulation and policy in Nigeria, new infrastructure projects that promote regional integration and competitiveness of countries, new technologies and financing challenges in the road and highway industry across West Africa.

The event will feature discussions from across the region including Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone and Mali.


Participants will hear from 25+ senior key opinion leaders from the full spectrum of players in the value chain, whom will share their experiences, via keynote addresses, panel discussion and case study presentations. We challenge you to participate in the discussion with Q&A sessions being held after each of our sessions!

In addition to the implications of road development and investment, we will be exploring new and cutting edge technology that is increasing the performance of road applications, where recycled materials are being used to great effect and how micro surfacing and crumbed rubber technology is making it easier for roads agencies to maximise existing funds to achieve more.

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Host Partner


The Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) have announced a new collaboration with the Infrastructure Exchange, to work together on the development of the West Africa Road Infrastructure and Investment Forum taking place March 2023.


The Federal Roads Maintenance Agency is Nigeria’s institutional mechanism for monitoring and maintaining all Federal roads in the country. Its mission is to efficiently and effectively monitor and administer road maintenance with the objective of keeping all federal roads in good and safe conditions.

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The World Bank has revealed that "between 60,000 and 100,000 kilometres of roads are required to provide intra-continental connectivity” in Africa. In Nigeria, according to reports, "out of the entire road network, only about 60,000 km (37,282.5 mi) are paved with asphalt/bitumen while about 135,000 km (83,885 mi) are “un-tarred."

In efforts to increase public sector participation in infrastructure development, Nigeria has spent a lot of time developing strategies to encourage private sector funding. In January, the government launched a public-private partnership investment scheme which offers tax credits to private firms to build or refurbish roads approved by the government.

Despite allocating approximately 12% ($954m) of its planned capital expenditure for the year to the construction and rehabilitation of a number of roads nationwide, the reality is that there just isn't enough money to address all of the priorities.

Increased urbanisation, especially in cities like Lagos, are putting additional strain on the road network, and the growth in the number of vehicles on the roads across the country are set to continue growing. It is believed that from only 150,000 vehicles in 1983, there are now around 11.5 million in Nigeria now. While still small in relation to the population, this is a trend that will not slow down and can be expected to increase.

Across Africa, figures in excess of $226 billion are being spent on infrastructure development. This includes $153 million on the development of 210kms of road and $751 million for the development of the Kenya-Tanzania Highway. Yet it is not enough!

Figures in excess of $100 billion have been given as the kinds of figures needed ANNUALLY across power, water, roads and other forms of transport. At most, current investments equal $30 billion across the continent. Where is the balance of this investment going to come from?

Join us as we explore how, where and why private sector investment needs to be encouraged and increased, when this is likely to be happening and how to speed up and encourage investment.

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We have a core focus on helping move real projects forward by connecting buyers with sellers as well as investors, government organisations, road agencies, contractors and engineering firms


With hundreds of people, multiple project presentations our team ensure you sit face-to-face with global infrastructure investors, senior government officials, road agencies and contractors, C-Level executives and other infrastructure leaders. 


Our team will come meet with you throughout the year, and ensure whatever your experience and development needs, we will tailor a solution for you to ensure you meet the right people to grow your business and win contracts.


Our platform is a year-round corporate development platform. The event is the meeting place for our global network, but throughout the year through meet ups, insight and executive interviews you are able to market and engage with your peers and clients.


Which means a deeper relationship and more business opportunities.


Our team thrive on the success of the infrastructure industry. While many events are run by media or pricing agencies, the WARIIF 2020 Lagos is deep rooted in real businesses with a fundamental commitment to creating market making opportunities for all our infrastructure partners.


Sponsorship and Exhibition


Graham Emeric

Tel: +44 208 123 9920

Conference Programme and Speaking Opportunities

Claire Volkwyn

Tel: +27 (0) 82 859 1753

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Peter Colemen

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